New Hot Apple Cider anthology coming this fall!

HACwithCinnamonCoverSWe’re very pleased to announce that Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon: Stories of Friendship and Love will be joining our Hot Apple Cider family this fall!

This anthology will feature true stories, fiction, and poetry from 60 Canadian writers!

Canadian author and speaker Sheila Wray Gregoire will write the foreword.

Watch for more information coming soon.


“Boulderdash” by Heather McGillivray-Seers

Taste1stLineMeme16Some mountains must be dismantled one stone at a time.

HeatherphotoSHeather McGillivray-Seers is following Jesus. Sometimes it’s an earth’s orbit-altering adventure, and sometimes it’s harrowing; but always, it’s where she wants to be. Sometimes she writes about it.

She also has two pieces in the Canadian bestselling anthology, A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider.

Her website is

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“From Hard Places” by Carmen Wittmeier

Taste1stLineMeme15Three portraits of suffering reveal God’s redemptive hand in even the bleakest circumstances.

Carmen_Wittmeier_brighterCarmen Wittmeier completed her MA in English at the University of Alberta in 1999. She has taught English literature at several colleges and worked as an editor, writer, and reporter.

Her current passion is advocating for children trafficked into the sex trade.

Carmen lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her two daughters and their growing collection of pets.

Her website is

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“Conversations in Baby Blue” by N. J. Lindquist

Taste1stLineMeme14A teen grows up quickly when she becomes responsible for another life.

NJLindquist_colourAn award-winning author, inspiring speaker, and empowering teacher, N. J. Lindquist began publishing independently in 2000 after having three royalty publishers. She’ll soon have 20 published books, including the coming-of-age Circle of Friends series and the award-winning Manziuk and Ryan mystery series.

N. J.’s vision for a community of writers with a Christian faith working together contributed to the founding of The Word Guild. Prairie-bred, N. J. lives in Markham, Ontario.

He website is

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“Loving Play” by Vilma Blenman

Taste1stLineMeme13Scenes of a child at play highlight the contrast in parents’ attitudes.

Vilma_colourVilma Blenman is a teacher and counsellor with the Toronto District School Board.

She has two pieces in the award-winning Canadian anthology, A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider. In 2013, Vilma published First Flight, an eclectic collection of poetry. She also tied for first place in the Writers’ Community of Durham Region annual summer slam competition, delivering a powerful performance of her poem, “Fat Girl Feelings.”

Vilma is a passionate mentor, mother and gardener. She lives with her husband Grantley and their two children in Pickering, Ontario.

Her website is

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